The project consists of public beach clean-ups organised on average once a month on various beaches around Mallorca. We invite local volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to come and socialise while using their "Dos Manos" to clean up a piece of our world. In general, between 30 - 150 volunteers attend each event, some of which include underwater clean ups together with scuba divers, free divers and paddle surfers.
The volunteers gain a better understanding of the problems of plastic pollution and its solutions while simultaneously collecting valuable scientific data. The collected items are separated into categories, counted, weighed and data recorded before being disposed of in specific containers.
Regular collection of data from local beaches over long periods enables us to better understand and solve local problems caused by plastic pollution. This knowledge allows us to create targeted campaigns, public service announcements and science-based multimedia that help bring feasible solutions closer to the community, facilitating a transition towards a single-use-plastic-free lifestyle.


"Dos manos"


The Dos Manos Beach Clean Project, inspired by the Australian "Two Hands" project, was launched in 2015 and has been growing in popularity ever since. Throughout 2016 over 1.4 tons of plastic waste was removed from 14 beaches around Mallorca by more than 760 volunteers.


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